History of our School Crest

The Manurewa High School motto is In Caelum Ascende, a Latin one meaning Rise to the heavens or Aim high.

From the 1920s the symbol of Manurewa has been a flying bird, seen at the top of the crest. Manu means bird or kite; rewa means floating or soaring.

  • The green chevron represents the verdant, undulating land in and around Manurewa.
  • The white wavy border of the chevron represents the waves of the Waitemata and the Manukau lapping the shores of the isthmus of which Manurewa is a part.
  • The red background represents those glorious summer sunsets whose beauty is enhanced by the westward expanse of the sea.
  • The eagles head represents strength of character, purpose, the will to work, determination to try again if success does not crown the efforts at first, and the readiness to accept responsibility and whatever challenges are to be faced at work or play.
  • The white clusters of manuka on the green chevron are symbols of purity.