Poounamu is literally 'Greenstone'. Poounamu plays a very important role in Maori Culture. It is considered a  taonga  (treasure). Tools, ornaments   and weapons [ were made from it; in particular  mere  (short clubs) and  hei-tiki  (neck pendants). These are believed to have their own  mana,  which are handed down as valued heirlooms and given as gifts on important occasions.

Poounamu means to us:

  • Poounamu has a spiritual connection with Aotearoa and displays Mana and Prestige
  • Poounamu represents Aotearoa and the connection between people and the land spiritual connection
  • Poounamu is extremely valuable and a beautiful rock in colour and context
  • There are different shades and types of Poounamu which represent the diversity of Manurewa High School
  • Poounamu is its Natural State is a little rough around the edges, symbolising the start of our journey in Year 9
  • Poounamu is natural and is rare but has a great deal of worth, especially after much work and attention
  • Poounamu has status; just like the various leaders within our school and potential leaders within all of us

Whaanau Values:

Empowerment, Responsibility, Motivation, Confidence, Pride, Respect, Honesty