Enrolment Information 2020

Enrolment packs for in-zone is available. Download from below or collect from the Manurewa High School Office.

In Zone

Application Forms 2020

In Zone Online Enrolment

If you wish to submit an enrolment application online without having to download and print the form. You must be IN ZONE to apply through here and you will need to be able to upload the required documentation and have it available before starting the application (birth certificate, visa & passport -if not born in NZ, proof of address, immunisation record, Guardianship proof if required, school report). By submitting online your application is NOT automatically accepted, it will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation via letter.

Out of Zone Enrolments are closed for 2020

Manurewa High School - Out of Zone Enrolment Notes for 2020

Manurewa High School’s roll growth is exceeding its capacity. For those applying for out of zone places, we suggest you review the following information to ensure your application is submitted on time.

The deadline for out of zone applications was Wednesday 4 September, therefore from Thursday 5 September, we will no longer accept out of zone enrolment applications. Once the out of zone ballot has taken place on Wednesday 11 September, all remaining out of zone applications that were received by the closing date will remain on our waiting list. Thereafter, no further out of zone applications will be accepted for 2020.

Out of Zone Enrolment Dates:

  • Wednesday 4 September 2019 - 4:00pm - Out of Zone enrolments closed
  • Wednesday 11 September 2019 - Ballot for out of zone enrolments