2nd XV Rugby Champions


It was a good game last Saturday.  We scored three tries within the first fifteen minutes that set the tone for the rest of the match.  The final score being 29 to Papakura’s 12.  It has been a good season, too.  The boys have grown since the start of the season; demonstrating our values more and more which makes me proud of them.

 I would like to thank Jeremiah, Jordan, Mel, Maggie, Manjula, Catherine, Ann, Deon, the First XV and Development teams for their support advice, guidance, and encouragement.

 I would also like to thank all staff for their support and understanding this season.  Thank you, everyone, for believing and having faith in us. 

 Thank you for the opportunity that has allowed us to walk along a well-worn path of greatness.  We have worked together and achieved so much more that what is symbolized by this brilliant, silver cup.

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