Alumni looking out for each other

2017 leavers Shahil Raj and Serenity Temu are entering the second year of their University of Auckland Business School / MHS Business Academy scholarship. They've done the hard yards in 2018 adapting to uni life, and were keen to share local knowledge with the three new MHS students who take up the scholarship this year: Osaiasi Langi, Amelia Pasikala and Fateh Singh. On Friday, 22 February, the Business School provided a special orientation day for the new students, with Serenity and Shahil in support. The orientation offered help with timetable planning, a tour of the campus, and an overview of all the extra-curricular opportunities on offer to them.

The students are pictured with former dean of the Business School Barry Spicer, who as a Business Academy founding trustee has championed a strong partnership between our two institutions. Lisa Filitonga (pictured right), manager of student services for the Business School, has become the students’ new best friend on campus.

Good luck to all our 2018 leavers taking your meaningful step on from MHS. We hope you'll stay in touch.

Leanne Gibson – Business Academy / Alumni [email protected]

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