Big Day In - a learning epic for Year 9s and 10s

My name is Aaron Peeters and I'm a teacher in Te Pae Tawhiti (Year 9 and 10). The TPT team and I have been organising a conference-style event for Year 9s and 10s to be held on Tuesday the 10th and 17th of May respectively. We aim to help students know and believe that "you can grow your intelligence".

One of the great aspects of organising this event has been witnessing the willingness of professionals in the community to come and support our students for free. Over 16 different professionals are going to visit and run a variety of workshops - from dance, to public speaking, to a lego party. Additionally, The Southern Initiative has given us substanial support. 
All presenters have been briefed with information about what a growth mindset is, and how it can be cultivated in students. Presenters have been told, not so much to tell students to adopt a growth mindset, but to share stories that embody an interpretation of challenging circumstances as a sign that more effort is needed and success will come through strategic action.
To test whether or not the conference actually has an impact, we are surveying students about two things:
1. Their beliefs about themselves as learners.
2. Their behaviour (students will be asked to design their own worksheet and we will see who picks easy tasks or challenging tasks).

Format for the Day

We aim to provide students with a professional conference experience. In the morning there will be a keynote presentation, and a Design Thinking workshop.

After the break, students will participate in two hour-long workshops. 

At the end of the second workshop, they'll reconvene in the Hall for a reflection exercise and awards.

The keynote presentation

ANDREW PATTERSON - Prepare for the future
Andrew has worked in media for the last 20 years as a radio broadcaster both here in NZ and also in Australia. He is also a professional speaker, a presentation coach and a writer. For the last four years he has worked as a volunteer at Manurewa Intermediate where he has run Confidence Courses for students as well as organising Personal Development Camps over the holidays. In 2014 he organised a trip to Silicon Valley in the United States for five students from MHS.
His keynote address will include Tristan Pang, and help us to understand what we need to do to be prepared for the future. Andrew is also doing a Public Speaking workshop.

The workshops - students can choose from two:

AYLA and ATARAU - Goalsetting
Atarau is Maori/ Cook Island born and raised in Otara. This year she will be graduating with a BA in Sociology and Maori Studies.
Ayla is a young M?ori woman, born and raised in South Auckland who now works for The Southern Initiative at Auckland Council. The Southern Initiative’s focus is to use community and social innovation to mobilise transformational change in South Auckland communities. 
In their Goal Setting workshop, Atarau and Ayla will share personal examples of ‘mind shift moments’ from a South Auckland girl's perspective. They will also run through several exercises of how to set goals and use goal setting as a tool to create and materialise a positive mindset.

Andy and Matthew are two students from Manurewa High School with a big future in the dance world. In this workshop Andy and his brothers will talk about what it takes to succeed as a dancer and also teach a group of students a dance they will perform at the end of the conference.

Emeline was was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in this year’s New Year’s Honours for her services to the Pacific Community. It began in 2001 when she founded Affirming Works to provide mentoring and educational life skills to young people in the Auckland region. 
In Emeline's Social Enterprise workshop, students will learn what it is and how it can be used to help those in need.
SOPHIE and ALEX - Design Thinking
Sophia Beaton is of Kai Tahu, Katimamoe and Waitaha descent from Bluff/Stewart Island. She has spent most of her career co-designing projects alongside people experiencing homelessness. She now works for the Auckland co-design lab, a two year experiment to test how ‘design thinking’ can tackle complex social issues.
Sophia and Alex present "A taste of design thinking - a new way of problem solving". They will explore the design thinking process to generate new and innovative ideas for a very real problem, through to building your ideas into prototypes!
Maker Sphere is an initiative started by Sylvie Hewett and Martin Hill that arose out of the Live The Dream programme. Sylvie is in her final year of a BA in Psychology and Anthropology at University of Auckland alongside running the Hands Up Homework Centre in Beach Haven. She is interested in community driven development and youth voices. 
Through their Lego Party workshop, they seek to help youth to problem solve, use cooperation, and encourage creative thinking. They use a variety of small group and individual based activities using Lego to do so.

FLORA APULU - Community Service
Samoan/Irish and raised in Manurewa, Flora has recently been reappointed for a third term as the Chairperson for the Auckland Council Youth Advisory Panel. Flora has a heart to help young people reach their potential and in her workshop, she will demonstrate the value of getting involved in your community.

412 FOR YOUTH INITIATIVE - Solve Your Problems
412 is working towards empowering young people to succeed above and beyond the commonalities of a South Auckland Teen. We do this by running events and workshops customised to suit the youth. We want to help you stay motivated and engaged to pursue your dreams no matter how big or small. 412 was founded by MHS alumni Helen, Mele and Lupe. Their workshop is entitled "Solve your problems".
EROS MALELE - Make a Musical Instrument
After he finished at MHS in 2009, Eros Malele studied at the University of Auckland. He joined The Mind Lab Unitec as an EdTech Educator in 2014, where he works to inspire creativity, ingenuity and collaboration through teaching different topics. This includes robotics, coding, 3D printing and modelling. In his workshop, Eros will conduct a quick coding/electronics challenge ... to make a musical instrument using a microcontroller called a MakeyMakey, a visual programming language, Scratch, and a few household items like tin foil, cardboard, playdoh etc.
JACINTA TALIA'ULI and RYAN KING - Developing Your Growth Mindset
Jacinta and Ryan had a strong vision for their lives after high school. Ryan has now graduated in Commerce from the University of Auckland, while Jacinta is in her third year. They both value being able to give back to their community, and have enjoyed many opportunities, such as going to Stanford University for an Entrepreneurs' programme. They will talk about how they developed their growth mindset early on and how they have continued to keep this mindset. The main theme for their workshop will be 'Beyond South Auckland' - encouraging students to be community minded but with a global perspective. They also plan to run an activity where students create their future CV.
HENRY and SONATANE - Handling High School
Henry and Sonatane are loving HS now, but at times, they doubted whether it was the place for them. Listen to their story and learn some strategies for dealing with HS when you have your own doubts.
TOBY CARR - Challenge the Status Quo
Toby is an entrepreneur and change maker. Since starting his first registered company aged 14, Toby has been challenging and questioning the status quo for business and education. After founding and being a part of many start-ups, he believes strongly in choosing your own path of purpose. In his workshop Toby plans to do a re-enactment of TED talk: "Alternative education paths and how students are able to challenge the status quo of going to university and simply gaining a degree for the sake of having a degree, to gain a job."
JASMINE McLEAN - Storytelling
Jasmine works as a Journalist and Photographer at Middlemore Hospital. She previously worked as a Dance and Media Studies teacher at Papatoetoe High School until receiving a one year scholarship to work towards publishing her first book. The book is called Humans of South Auckland, a photography project she started on 21st September 2014. The book aims to promote stories of hope and pride from everyday South Auckland people. In her Big Day In workshop, Jasmine will work with students who are inspired to express their own story - whether that’s through rap, writing, drawing or talking. The aim is to develop a sense of pride or hope in yourself and the community.
SAMANTHA MURRAY - Your Amazing Brain
Samantha is a PhD student at the University of Auckland investigating Your Amazing Brain! In this workshop students will learn about the most important organ in your body, your brain. You will see how the brain learns new tasks and try out some fun brain training exercises. You will also get the chance to see a whole (plastinated) human brain.
PAUL CAMERON and CRAIG WILSON - Making Reading Fun
Paul is co-founder) and Craig is chief technology officer of BOOKTRACK, a company that has developed the technology for a new category of digital entertainment content that provides synchronised movie-style soundtracks to eBook and Audiobooks. The Booktrack hands on workshop will focus on "Making Reading Fun", and will involve the students using Booktrack to create their own movie-style soundtrack for a story.

FUTURE PROBLEM SOLVERS - Think Critically About a Future Problem
The Future Problem Solvers - Aimee, John, Aaron and Okesene - have won an opportunity to go to the US to compete in the international FPS champs. Thanks to their innovative thinking and determined mindset, these students were able to defeat higher decile schools across NZ finishing second at nationals. Okesene has also had a big role in organising the Big Day In. In this workshop the FPS team will teach students how to think critically about a futuristic problem.



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