Business Pitch

On Thursday 24 May, Level 3 Business Studies students had the opportunity to present a 5-minute pitch proposing their product to the judges of South Auckland Business Pitch at AUT South Campus. Under the Young Enterprise Scheme, students are able to assess different aspects within the Business Studies field whilst operating a start-up business in small groups.

I am Fateh Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Good Game, working alongside my directors Raghav Narula, Osaiasi Langi and Anthony Stevenson. This year, we plan to carry out an innovative solution to the most common chain of problems within our society, that of hygiene and sanitation. Working collaboratively with our Mentor Alex Holley, we have designed a hand sanitising wristband called Quiktizer. Quiktizer is a silicone wristband with in-built pump bottle that can be pulled out to spray hand sanitiser onto the hands for on-the-go hand cleaning. The Business Pitch was an amazing experience for me as an entrepreneur to professionally present myself and my product to the judges. This opportunity has allowed me to sell my vision and objectives as well as spreading awareness of Good Game’s initiative to spread awareness of hygiene and sanitation via Quiktizer. Business Pitch has not only allowed us to present our product, but also increase our confidence leading up to the sales period, when all students will be selling their products in markets. The Business Pitch is a like Dragon’s Den, intimidating judges with tough questions. After presenting our pitch, we met with several questions and feedback/ forward advice. This allowed us to work collectively under pressure to deliver quality answers and present a good image of our business whilst maintaining a tight presentation time frame.

Overall, the judges were very pleased with my group, praising us for designing an effective product. They valued the potential of the product as one of the quoted “don’t forget us when you become millionaires”. Level 3 Business Studies under the YES programme has been an amazing experience so far with several opportunities for young entrepreneurs to network with business leaders whilst learning the key operations of running a successful business. It is definitely an opportunity worth experiencing and the Business Pitch has been a stepping stone of confidence boosting leading students towards success.

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