Co-designing with a Giant

This year we introduced a new course for Year 13 that connects Design with Business. It’s called Innovation Business Design, or IBD for short. 

Digital Visual Arts HOLA Adele Whittaker is the design guru, and Brendan Lambert is the Business brains, supported by the Young Enterprise curriculum. John Hynds, chair of our Business Academy, helped us to make a connection with a business partner, Little Giant. This agency specialises in blending creativity and technology to help businesses transform. It's great to have their support to give us real-world learning connections.

Here's a bit more info about our three IBD businesses:

Tanea Mangement

Disillusioned with how little representation Maori and Pasifika young people have in the media and advertising sector prompted four Pasikifa students to create Tanea Management. This ambitious modelling, music and dance talent agency is in the process of establishing a pool of clients to promote for gigs, advertising jobs and any other media work that comes across their path that promotes the immense and often untapped talent that exists in our Maori and Pasifika young people.



Afa’Pride is developing a new treat called a Brookie which in the words of its creators, ”is a cookie smashed with a brownie”. The real passion of this company however is the advocacy and support for the LGBTQ+ community they seek to develop with their Brookie product. Through a partnership with Rainbow Youth (still in development) Afa’Pride hopes to share stories of strong LGBTQ+ community members on each Brookie package. These stories will promote the community, involve stories of struggle & triumph and ultimately encouragement for other young people who may be struggling with identity issues


Kulture Splash

Kulture Splash is passionate about sharing their Pasifika culture to the world through the best way they know how – food! They are currently developing an Otai (traditional Tongan fruit punch) flavoured frozen yoghurt which will bring a new twist to a much loved drink for their Pasifika customers while introducing non-Pasifika customers to a bit of island culture in a funky, fresh and deliciously tasty way.   

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