Hospitality Hot Shots

Our students raised the bar at this year's City & Guilds Secondary School's Culinary Challenge. 

Manurewa High School won eight golds medals in total (including four gold overall), seven silvers and four bronze in a wide range of hospitality categories.

Congratulations to the following students:

Lulu, Barista, BRONZE
Ryan, Smoothie, BRONZE
Conrad, Smoothie, BRONZE
Vishali, Cupcakes, SILVER
Bupphe, Wraps, GOLD OVERALL
Kyle, Wraps, GOLD
Tsidkenu, Smoothie, GOLD OVERALL
Jo, Cupcake, GOLD
Ariana, Cupcake, SILVER
Tyler, Table, SILVER
Ronald, Table, SILVER
Tip, Table, SILVER
Marissa, Pasta, GOLD OVERALL
Caroline, Pasta, SILVER
Bupphe, CG4, GOLD
Daniel, CG4, GOLD
Aidan, Pasta, SILVER
Kyle, Barista, BRONZE

Photo shows:
Front row :Toni Kelsall, Tip Tapasu Laulu, Tsidkenu Faasisila
Middle row : Ariana Potoru, Bupphe Lam, Daniel Wu, Ronald Thoman, Caroline Pickering, Mrs D Chandra(showing off Marissa’s GOLD medal)
Back row: Kyle Nguyen, Ryan Franklin, Conrad Lundon, Vishali Kumar, Joanne Son, Lulu Zeng, Aidan Clark, Tyler Hood

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