Maker Space - what does it mean?

We are proud to be offering our students a new place and way of learning in our MAKER SPACE.

We are setting up our MAKER SPACE in the Old Whare.

You might wonder - what does it mean?

Maker Spaces have origins in model of learning called CONSTRUCTIONISM, which was thought up by Seymour Papert at the MIT Labs. The basic idea is hands-on learning making things - a model, a website, an app, a video, or products to sell.

We are very much in the early phases of setting up the space. Our making equipment list includes high-tech tools:

  • CNC Router
  • Lasercutter
  • 3D Printer
  • Makey Makeys
  • Microcontroller kits
  • Creative software

There's also space for low-tech tools. There's a long way to go till we are fully equipped in the space.

Our progress to date is:

  • We applied to the Ministry for Youth Development for funding, in partnership with The Southern Initiative. We were successful!
  • We visited Maker Spaces around Auckland, and also in the East Palo Alto District in California to get ideas for our space.
  • We ran a school holiday Coding course with help from Vodafone.
  • One of our team members did a course on Leading and Designing a Maker Space, run by experts in the United States.
  • We developed a plan to work with a startup group of keen students.
  • We've recruited an expert to help us work the plan. Welcome Keu Iorangi! This group meets every Wednesday from 230pm to 4pm.The Maker Space is as much about how you work together, as the tools you work with. So our workshops focus on building a culture, as well as skills.

We need help to fund both the technologies that go in the space, and the people who can help us to use it.

We are very grateful to:

  • Ministry for Youth Development
  • The Southern Initiative
  • And our newest partner, the Perpetual Guardian Activation Fund.


For more info, please contact Leanne Gibson

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