Money Savvy Workshop

Manurewa High School had a two hour Money SavY workshop on 8 May 2018 in the school hall. This was organised for Year 13 Accounting, Economics and Trade Academy Financial capability students. 75 students attended the workshop.

Money SavY programme targets Years 10 & 11 Decile 1-4 students but 50% of their workshops have been delivered to Years 12 & 13 and where funding permits to all Deciles.   It’s the basics but it is engaging and interactive.  Facilitators were YWCA staff members that work with students in their Future Leaders programme. They used a power point presentation and activities. For example – they did Needs, Wants and Value cards for one of the activities that leads into saving/budgeting.  They talked about debit versus credit cards, fine print, compound interest, and importance of Kiwi Saver but all in the broader sense.  They gave students’ a real easy budget to set and then gave them an unexpected expense. 

Every student (and school staff member who sits in to manage behaviour) completed a one page evaluation form.  Students also complete a one pager questionnaire for a $30 Westfield voucher.  At the foot of the questionnaire in fine print is ‘tick here if you want your paper assessed’.  For the 80% that miss it and say it’s not fair we say it won’t be if you sign up to pay for something you don’t really need or want.

Timote Foliaki and Sione Finau won $30 Westfield voucher each as they were the only two who read the fine print on the questionnaire and ticked it.

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