It's time for Show Me the Money Week

Money Week runs from 5-11 September with the theme 'Show Me The Money!'

It’s all about visualising the future and making a plan to get there – whether it’s having the right insurance, saving for a house deposit or preparing for retirement. It’s about making financial plans to support life goals.

‘Show Me The Money Week’ is directly linked to the ‘Plan’ stream of the National Strategy for Financial Capability.

During the week hundreds of money-related events and activities take place around the country, bringing organisations, schools, community groups and more together in the mission to build financial capability and help New Zealanders get ahead financially.

In our school, Year 9s will focus on New Zealand currency. They will learn whose picture is on $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes and what is the importance of it. Then they will create their own currency.

All year level students will play Kahoot game in their tutor class and staff will play a Gingerbread Man game where they put price to their outfits for a day.

A number of Money Week events are already listed on moneyweek.org.nz.

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