We are very proud to share that one of our school bands, The Melodies, was profiled by Mike Chunn as part of NZ Music Month and their song aired on Seven Sharp last week.  The Melodies comprises Jayden Harper Devoe 10ALR, Jeffery Siliva 11TRD and Jessie Siliva 11PFE who are aged just 14 and 15.  The budding musicians have written a very personal song about a family tragedy.

You can view the Seven Sharp video on Facebook here

We received very positive feedback from Carolyn Robinson of TVNZ about how staff in the edit suite were impressed with the song and commented “those boys should be very proud”.  We as a school are very proud – well done Jayden, Jeffery and Jessie!

TVNZ have also received so much feedback from the public after the song screened that they shared this stand out comment:

My family and I simply love those 3 young men, The Melodies. One of my (3) daughters rang me yesterday, she'd just lost a close friend who could no longer face life. Your program has provided a small amount of solace from these humble and talented young men, by the strength of their words and love. As a Dad of 3 lovely daughters, 2 of whom face a daily battle with Depression and anxiety, this song is like a ray of sunlight. The humble cadence of these young men is a powerful thing and I wish them every success. May their hearts grow stronger, and in doing so, provide some warmth and hope with their talent.