Guests in our school: Dr Michelle Dickinson

Dr Dickinson is a leading technologist whose achievements include a role in developing the iphone..
Popularly known as Nanogirl, she is a professor at the University of Auckland working in the field of nanotechnology. She also writes a weekly article in the Herald that helps us understand how technology is changing the way we live and work.
Year 13 student Hayley Ngo asked Dr Dickinson to visit and lead a goal-setting workshop with students. She aimed to encourage them to be ambitious, fearless, and passionate about their goals.
Hayley says Dr Dickinson tailored her story so that it was of interest to all students, not just those who love Science and Technology.
“She spoke about her upbringing – she went to a Decile 2 school - and how she had gotten to where she was. She was very friendly and approachable and wanting to help our students. I think they all related to her really well.”
Hayley’s connection with Dr Dickinson came through a recent meeting with her while on the Rotary Science Programme. She says she would not have had the confidence to approach her, had she not met her. “It’s taught me that people will help, if they can.”
Hayley says the Rotary programme has had a huge impact on her motivation to work in medicine. She hopes that Rotary will be able to help more students to have the opportunity she has had.

From the Michelle Dickinson website:
Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) is a passionate researcher and teacher with a love of science and engineering. Her background in Biomedical and Materials Engineering have combined her interests in both biology and materials science to give her a unique insight into how nature and technology can learn from each other for future scientific developments. Currently you can find her as a senior lecturer in Engineering at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Michelle has always followed her dreams and never let traditional stereotypes scare her and she strongly believes that everyone should have access to learning about science and how things work, regardless of what your education level is.

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