Pathway to Business School gets a big boost

A new agreement between the MHS Business Academy and the University of Auckland Business School (UABS) will provide hugely valuable scholarships for students, and development opportunities for staff.

The agreement recognises our shared purpose of improving the quality of business education in New Zealand and the development and promotion of an entrepreneurial mindset and culture.

It’s an initiative of our Business Academy board, in particular Barry Spicer, who is a former dean of the UABS, and the current Dean Greg Whittred.

Business Academy board chair John Hynds says it will create wonderful opportunities for our students, developing their creative, enterprising, entrepreneurial potential.

“Creative thinking is a natural aspect of our human mindset. Our focus is on learning to apply this thinking to entrepreneurial and innovative problemsolving.”

Mr Hynds led the establishment of the Business Academy, along with a group of individuals who have extensive backgrounds in business, tertiary education, and philanthropy. He is a successful businessman and alumni of our school, who has committed substantial funds to support the Business Academy and other opportunities for students.

What’s available through the partnership?

  • A number of undergraduate tuition fee scholarships for MHS Business Academy students applying to the Business School,
  • For teachers and professional staff engaged with the MHS Business Academy, opportunities to take appropriate courses at the Business School.
  • Assistance in such areas as finding speakers in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and business and management.
  • Opportunities to engage with and learn from the highly regarded Velocity entrepreneurship programme.
  • Opportunities to be involved in UABS clubs.

“The University of Auckland’s Business School is very pleased to help support the establishment and growth of the MHS Business Academy in these ways.  We are confident this initiative will not only better prepare students for future studies, employment and careers, but will also help transform the lives of MHS student and their families and communities,” says Professor Whittred.

Principal Pete Jones says the partnership will make a huge difference to our community. “I would like to thank Greg and Barry for this opportunity to learn from and with the Business School.”




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