Physics Team - National Finals

Our student group, Aimee Lew, Aaron Lew and John Chen competed in the New Zealand Young Physicist's Tournament on Saturday.  We were the only South Auckland low decile school there amongst a bunch of high decile schools, and we went there to represent South Auckland with pride, and they certainly did that! They beat 7 out of the other 11 teams comprehensively. Only 4 schools made it into the 100’s (including us)- so out team were right up there in the top bunch with Auckland Grammar and St Kents. In 2 weeks’ time they will go up against the very best of the rest of New Zealand and from there, a chance to go to the International event.  Thank you to the staff who have supported the team through the process to get to competition.  This has been an ongoing labour of love that we began in November- the team also worked through the holidays courtesy of Richard Casey and Deon Wagner, who arranged access into the lab.  Thanks also to the staff who gave up their lunchtime to come and watch them practice their presentations and give valued feedback. Even their peers helped by watching presentations in Physics class and also giving valued feedback.  Thanks also to teacher Sneha Srinivasan for supporting the students on Saturday afternoon, it was lovely for them to have a friendly face in the room with them, ). I know they really appreciated her supportive presence there.

So, as you can see, in the end it was a real team effort!

Fantastic to see our students compete as happy, confident and proud.  Well Done!

Fenella Colyer

Teacher of Physics

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