Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is a special day to wear a pink shirt and standing up to bullying, as pink shirts represents anti-bullying. Pink shirt Day was a huge success throughout Manurewa High School. Students, teachers and staff participate by dressing up with their pink outfits and raising the awareness of bullying. Manurewa High School does not tolerate bullying thus we support the foundation of anti-bullying by coming together in unison and acknowledge those who are going through the hardships of bullying. Our school was able to fundraise money by selling pink associated foods (cotton candy, ice cream soda & yummy cupcakes) and collect kind donations throughout the school. The money from the fundraising ($600) was donated to the Pink Shirt Day society to further the excellence work of supporting anti bullying. Manurewa High School took part in a national movement toward positive change, this is such a powerful feeling. The real reward lay within our community all working towards making young people feel good about who they are, all across New Zealand. Hauora Council  “Together we are Stronger

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