Instagram artists impress

A popular option during REWAlise15 was the course run by head of Science Dr Nick Marsh for students who wanted to learn how to take better photos for Instagram.

Nick and teacher Tracey Greenwood took the students to locations in the Botanical Gardens, the Puhinui Stream, Jellicoe Park and the railway station to shoot flowers, animals, buildings, landscapes and people. Some of the basic techniques that students learnt exceptionally well included:

  • The rule of thirds
  • Framing
  • Use of angles, and
  • Reflections

Credits to Bailee Afakasi, Kahn Collins, Kaeden Edmonds, Larissa Ioane, Megan Lloyd, Ruben Lokeni, Summer Nanai, Shanna Paese, Venina Quna, Ethan Wijohn and teacher Tracey Greenwood.

“They rose to the occasion and I’m really impressed with their work,” Nick says.

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