Science fair results

Big congrats to John Chen and all the students living the REWA values in this Science competition. Staff Fenella Colyer, Heather Wilson, Sneha Srinivasan, Josh O’Sullivan, Catherine Graham and Louise Dreadon were thrilled with how our students performed:

1. John Chen – First place in category Senior Science, Best Use of Statistics Award, Top year 12 student award, New Zealand Heritage award and the Premier Award for Best Exhibit. His project was on the use of paramecium to micro-predate on the fungal zoospores that swim in soil water to attach to Kauri roots and cause dieback.

2. Aaron Lew and Aimee Lew – Third in Senior Science for their re-usable UV detecting patch to prevent melanoma.

3. Prerana Chand and Jasmine Rahman - Second place in Year 9 and 10 Physical and Material world category for their project on reading retention from text vs screens. In this same category, Darshika Lal, Meeron Dnhka and Charlie Hydes came third for their work on synethesia amongst our students.

Our other entries were Ashleen Naidu, Asnita Lata, Anjali Kumar, Navjot Kaur and Kareena Singh, who did projects on rehydrating properties of Maple water and a comparative study of the environmental impacts of Henna vs commercial hair dyes.

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