Silicon Valley Experience sparks ideas for the future

The Silicon Valley Experience began on Sunday, 6 July when five students and a number of staff and supporters travelled to San Francisco. Their journey lasts six days and takes in visits to Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Stanford University, Ideo and the Khan Academy. They also meet with specialists in venture capital, and recruitment.

The students participating see this as a life-changing experience - one that will continue beyond the trip itself as they share their stories with their communities back in New Zealand.

"We can make a difference and bring the information we learn back home and share it with our peers. We can make New Zealand a technology hub and a hub of innovation," says Year 13 student Justin Walker.

Shweta Sharma adds: "This opportunity is like a catalyst moment for us. Later on we will definitely excel in New Zealand and from the knowledge gained we will be able to share this with others." (Thanks to the Manukau Courier for this reporting)

We are very grateful to business broadcaster Andrew Patterson, who had the vision for the tour, and was able to bring together 24 companies and supporters to help finance it. They include Westpac, Xero, Vodafone, Just Water, Caniwi Capital Partners, Milford Investment Expertise, Jade, Vend, Mainfreight, Fronde, Endeavour Capital, Callaghan Innovation, Power by Proxi, David Leven Foundation and Bradley Media.

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