The HeArtivists

This term was the pilot program for the HeArtivists. A program works like a rep team for artists. Sports rep teams have the goal of providing extra coaching and support to the top athletes who have a chance at making it professionally. The HeArtivists works the same way to develop artists for a future as working creative professionals. It is a wellness program, a creative program, and a mentorship program rolled into one. 

This term we began exploring photography and will be working on photography and film making next term. 

Next term we will be hosting the top art students from other local high schools to enable us to cross-pollinate our creative ideas. 

There are two scholarship remaining for other Manurewa High artists to join the program.  We are looking for the following:  Filmmakers, photographers, writers, visual artists, spoken word artists, and musicians who write their own songs. 

To be considered for the scholarships please send an email and an example of your work to [email protected]

The HeArtivists is run with a start-up grant from COGS and the Auckland Airport Trust and is facilitated by Mandi Lynn, who has won New Zealand's Creative Photographer of the Year.   

In the evening there is an Arts based wellness course for parents, teachers and youth workers.  It is designed to give you a look into what may be blocking your best creative work from being brought to life.  The program runs parallel to the HeArtivist program and is targeted at those that wish to work in a mentorship capacity with young artists.   It is being held at Manu Tukutuku- To sign up for the adult mentor program go to: https://themojolution.org/heartivists-mentors-south-auckland/

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