Waka Ama nationals success

What a huge event this year with 109 Schools and 1850 paddlers all fighting it out for top honours.

Although the weather was abysmal, the racing was top quality and exactly what you would expect from a National Tournament laden with World Champs and Club Champs.

It was hard to take your eye off any race. We had six crews racing in three disciplines - 37 students in total ranging from Year 9 to year 13.

Our teams experienced every emotion that sport can dish out. We came away with a silver medal in the W12 U19 mixed Champ Final but we weren't able to add to Champ medals throughout the week, even though our top teams all progressed to the finals and often there was only a second separation. Such is life in sport and full credit to the teams - they were humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

What's exciting is that our U19 development teams were mainly made up of Year 9 and 10 students.


U19 Premier Mixed Champ Final 250m Silver

U16 Premier Girls Champ Final 250m 7th

U19 Premier Boys Champ Final 250m 6th

U19 Premier Girls Champ Final 500m 5th

U19 Development Girls Plate Final 500m 6th, 250m 8th

U19 Development Boys 1 Plate Final 500m 7th

U19 Development Boys 2 Bowl Final 250m Gold

U19 Development Mixed Plate Final 250m Bronze

Champ Silver Medal Team:

Sean Maireroa, Pafe Momoisea, TJ Talalelei,Paschal Koteka, Timothy Dreadon, Osai Langi, Reneeah Ngawaka, Jonelle Gray, Carmel Nickel, Teia Lorizza Mohammed, Kiara Pei, Katie Lowry



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