Whaanau Day

A great day was had by all at our recent whaanau day. Check out some of the feedback from students and staff and the photos of students engaged in the awesome activities

Taha Whaanau It was fun because me and my friend were telling jokes It was fun and cool It was cool working as a whaanau

Taha Wairua Colouring was fun and cool with music. Then it was amazing with the guest artist. Good experience. Was fun and relaxing, a good release of energy with the singing It was beautiful because singing is one of my hobbies

Taha Hingengaro I enjoyed it because I’ve learnt a lot from it This was a great experience with the attitude speaker and it was a mind opener. I can relate to some things so it was really great help. It was good to listen to some good advice and help us through our hard times.

Taha Tinana It was amazing had a great time (even though it was pretty hot but it was great) Because it was fun and engaging Dancing was really fun and energetic. We were able to chill but still have fun

From a staff member on the guest speaker: He is a wonderful engaging speaker. His messages are so relevant not only for our young people but also relevant for our staff. He finds relatable examples from his own life and experiences to share with us. He is funny and very engaging.

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