Discovering the fun of making a profit

The annual Year 10 Trade Fair event culminated with a market in the hall this week. Over four weeks of class time, students learnt the process of taking a product from an idea, through production, and to sale. The objectives are to practise enterprise learning, and have fun.

The task required them to identify the natural resources, human resources and capital resources used in making their products. They learned:

  1.  How much effort goes into making and selling products.
  2. To work in teams.
  3. What qualities they need to be a leader.

Students contributed $10 each and whatever money they made at the market, they were allowed to keep so they could learn what it is like to make a profit after spending money on buying raw material, making a final product and then convincing others to buy their product.

  • Best Quality Award went to “Vedette” (Ursula Uhrle, Buua Redfern, Gabrielle Fatamai). They made necklaces and anklets.
  • Best Display Award went to “Fury” ( Benjamin Tse, Tasileta Lokeni, Osaiasi Langi, Jane Lokeni, Keziah Vete). They made engraved bracelets.
  • Innovative Award went to “Blueprint” (Irae Aki, Adrienne Savea, Viola Fimau). They made personalised calendars.
  • Overall Best Award went to “ Ethnicx” (Jayden Coxon, Ronish Chandra, Anushika Kumar, Aliena Maumeasagisagi). They made tribal dreamcatchers.


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