Music Academy

The music academy classes are designed to:

  • Provide a performance based music class for those students who already play an instrument and are keen to continue.

  • Offer a first chance for enthusiastic Year 9 students to begin learning to play an instrument.

  • Cater for those Year 9 students who have been identified as gifted and talented in music.

Year 9 Music Academy Class

'Music Academy' can be selected by students in the same way as any other Year 9 option class is chosen and from 2013 will be studies 3 periods per week for four terms.

Applicants for these classes complete the Music Academy Application Form (see below) which gauges their prior musical experience and reasons for wishing to join the class. In the event of there being too many students for the two classes each semester then selection will take place based on information provided on the application form and music skills testing.

Three periods each week students will be involved in mostly practical work. Depending on which line students are placed in they either follow a band programme, or programme of work aimed at keyboard and guitar practical. Students will also be involved in developing their aural and theory skills.

At the end of year 9 these students will compete for entry to one only Year 10 'Music Academy' class.

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Music academy application form click here




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