In Zone Online Enrolment 2024

You must live IN ZONE to submit an online application and you will need to be able to upload the required documentation and have it available before starting the application. By submitting online your application is NOT automatically accepted, it will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation via email/letter.

Compulsory Documents:
  • NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Passport (if not born in New Zealand - Visa & Passport is required)
  • Proof of Address - must be current – less than 6 months - with your (parent/caregiver) name and address from a Government Department, eg. IRD, NZTA, Housing NZ, Work & Income or a power or telephone account—if these accounts are emailed to you, you can print them off as most have the address on them. We do not accept the following - bank or insurance statements, fundraising organisation letters or parcel delivery slips.
  • Guardianship proof if required - If you are not the student’s biological parent we will require proof that the student is allowed to stay with you e.g. a Statutory Declaration from the Manukau Courts OR an official document from Court/Oranga Tamariki/WINZ Unsupported Child.
Additional Supporting Documents:
  • Immunisation Record - Please let us know if the student is NOT immunised.
  • Previous School Report

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 Wednesday 13th September 2023 at 4.00PM

 Out of zone enrolments are closed

 Wednesday 20th September 2023

 Ballot for out of zone enrolments

Note: If you have any queries please direct these to the school email [email protected] or through messaging on our website Contact Us or Facebook