In Zone Addresses







Adams Road

Balfour Road

Caley Court

Earl Richardson Avenue

Garth Place

James Road

Addington Avenue

Baltic Place

Calluna Crescent

Earls Court

Gerona Crescent

Jellicoe Road

Aden Place

Balwyn Place

Cambridge Road

Elsted Place

Gibbs Road

Jill Place

*Adina Lane

Banksia Place

Cantua Close

Enid Place

Glennis Place

Joval Place

Alcove Place

Banyan Drive

Capistrano Mews

Eugenia Rise

Gloucester Road

Jutland Road

Alfriston Road even #2-90

Barrowcliffe Place

Carbery Place

Everglade Drive

Goodwood Drive


Alicante Avenue

Beatty Avenue

Celadon Place

Ewbank Place

Grand Vue Road

Kahurangi Place

Amethyst Place

Bedlington Avenue

Chiefton Rise

Ewhurst Place

Granite Place

*Kango Lane


Ancona Lane

Begonia Place

Chonny Crescent

Great South Rd, Man #1-224

Kellow Place

Andover Way

Berkeley Road

Clark Street

Fairchild Avenue

Great South Rd, Wiri #747-902

Kelvyn Grove

Arbor Close

Bettina Place

Claude Road

*Fay Close

Grevillea Court

Kent Road

Arnwood Street

Birchlea Rise

Clist Crescent

Feasegate Street

Keri Anne Place

Aronia Way

Boeing Place

Collie Street

Felicia Place

Hakea Place

Kerrs Road

Arthur Road

Bolderwood Place

Corin Avenue

Fellbrook Street

Halsey Road

Kerrydale Road

Ash Road

Bouganivillea Terrace

Corokia Place

Figtree Terrace

Halver Road

Kimdale Place

Astelia Place

Brava Place

Correa Court

Finlayson Ave #2-110, #1-135

Hanford Place

Kingsclere Place

Athy Place

Brent Place

Costar Place

Flamingo Court

Harrow Place

Kirklow Place

Atlantic Place

Brentford Place

Cottrell Place

Frances Street

Healy Road

Knights Drive

Azalea Place

Brouder Place

Crail Court

Frank Place

Hill Road #2-96

Knox Road


Brough Road


Freshney Place

Hillcrest Grove

Kopara Place

Browns Road

Dagenham Street

Frobisher Way

Hobill Avenue

Kopu Place


Bundena Place

Dalgety Drive

Hobman Place


Burbank Avenue

David Avenue

Hursbourne Priors


Burundi Avenue odd #1-97

De Havilland Drive


Dennis Avenue

Idesia Place



Deodar Place

Ilex Place



Deveron Road

Iliad Place



Dorendia Place

Inverell Avenue



Druces Road

Iona Place



*Duin Lane

Iorangi Place



Iris Place




Islay Place




Ixia Place











Lakewood Court

Macadamia Close

Oak Road

Ransom Smythe Drive

Scenic Drive

Vireya Court

Langley Road

Maich Road

Orams Road

Rata Vine Drive

Selwyn Road

Vista Place

Laurelia Place

Maida Vale

Oxford Road

Redoubt Road odd #1-171

Serl Place


Lawrence Crescent

Malmo Place


Ribbonwood Crescent

Sesame Crescent

*Wallson Crescent

Leven Lane

Manresa Close

Pallant Street

Romney Place

Silkwood Grove

Walpole Avenue

Liggitt Drive

Manukau Station Road even # 10-50

Palmetto Place

Roscommon Rd 300-412, 271-389

Sime Road

Watts Road

Lobelia Rise

Marble Place

Paloma Court

Rosemary Lane

Slim Place

Wenlock Place

Lomas Place

Marr Road

Pantera Way

Rothery Road

Smedley Street

Weymouth Road odd #1-29

Lupton Road

Martin Road

Patricia Place

Rowandale Avenue #68-168

Sophora Place

White Road

Lyndon Place

*Matairangi Road

Paulownia Place

Rukumoana Place

Spruce Place

Wilisa Rise

Lynmore Drive

Matua Place

Peguero Place

Russell Road all odd #

Station Road

Wiri Station Road even #


Mayo Road

Perlagonium Terrace

Russell Road even #150-224

Stoll Place

Wordsworth Road odd #95-213


*Maunganua Lane

Pistachio Place

Ruth Street

Sturdee Road


McVilly Road

Piper Place


Sunlands Drive

Yearsley Place


Mediterranean Way

Primrose Place


Surrey Street


Melia Grove

Pureora Place


Swallow Drive odd #1-23

 Zircon Place


Moncrieff Avenue

Pushon Place








Tacoma Road



Neems Place


Tadley Court


Newhook Lane


Tampin Road



Ngatira Place


Teak Grove



Nina Place


The Enclave



Northcrest Way


Tilia Place



Nyssa Place


Tomlinson Street




Topaz Place





*Totara Meadow Courts





Tourmalin Place





Trevor Hosken Drive





Trounson Avenue

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