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What is BYOD

BYOD is ‘Bring Your Own Device’. Digital devices are a critical learning tool, utilised by students on a global scale. Teachers are shifting their learning programmes to meet the needs of the 21st century digital citizen. Manurewa High School's eLearning (electronic learning) programme, requires all Year students to have a laptop in 2021. The device will be used every day at school and at home to assist with learning and achievement.

What type of device is needed?

After much research and robust discussions with parents, students, teachers and IT specialists, we have selected the best device for purchase is a Laptop with minimum requirements (4GB, 128GB SSD, Windows- exact model TBC).  This device should be lightweight and versatile while providing maximum performance for students at all year levels.  The device also comes with Microsoft Windows 10, Wireless capability, Webcam,  Microphone  and a 5+hour battery life.  Antivirus and web-filtering software will also be installed.

We have teamed up with a PB Technology Manukau to put together a complete package, which includes the device, carry case, 3-year total warranty and 3-year damage and loss insurance. There are several payment options available, including buying outright, finance with 1-3 payment terms, and financial hardship grants.

Can my child bring a device we already own?

Yes, as long as it meets the minimum requirements stated above. Please note we are a Microsoft school, so devices which are Chromebooks or equivalent will be more difficult to support on our network. Students with a Chromebook will be at a distinct disadvantage.