Learning Values

ORIGIN: Te Manu rewa o Tamapahore - the drifted-away kite of Tamapahore 

CONCEPT:  The REWA values are the 4 essential elements that make up our kite or manu aute which we will use in order to soar and aim high (Piki atu ki te rangi) together as a whaanau and school community. With this behaviour matrix we aim to encourage everyone in our school community - students, teachers, support staff, SLT and BOT - to Be the Manurewa Way

Behaviour Management Matrix

  • Be mindful of your noise level
  • Be healthy and hygienic
  • Be well-presented and wear the correct uniform
  • Be aware of how your actions affect others
  • Be considerate of school property
  • Be involved in our school
  • Be a positive role model
  • Be confident to aim high – piki atu ki te rangi
  • Be sure to set SMART goals
  • Be able to use support services
  • Be approachable
  • Be helpful
  • Be open and genuine
  • Be sure to look after the young and show respect for the older generations
  • Be mindful of your language

  • Be proactive in your learning
  • Be willing to experience new things/relationships
  • Be-come an independent learner
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be positive about learning

Piki atu, ki te rangi

Te whakatauaki o te kura

Kake atu ki te Ariki

Te aroha kore mutunga

Kohikohia nga taonga

Mo nga kete o te wananga

Tuatea, tuauri,

Aronui na Tane e

Puritia nga matauranga o nga Tipuna

Puritia mo ake tonu atu e   (x3)