School Lunch Programme 2021

School Lunch Programme 2021

Manurewa High School has been fortunate to be included in the Ministry of Education School Lunch Programme for 2021, whereby the Ministry is funding a free lunch for every student at school every day. This includes us making sure the packaging we use is all compostable or environmentally friendly and minimising any wastage.  

The Board of Trustees has opted to make the lunches ‘in house’ as we currently have a commercial kitchen where our year 12 and year 13 students are trained in Hospitality and Catering, who will be helping with the programme along with nine new staff members and three teacher / chefs.  The classroom M13 has been transformed into a food preparation room, with the commercial kitchen being upgraded with four new commercial ovens.

The meals that will be served will meet the Ministry’s healthy and nutritional standards and guidelines.  An example of the meals we will be serving are chicken rice bowl, wraps, salads, sandwiches, and rolls with hot meals being introduced in the winter months.   The school will no longer run a canteen, but the café will still be operating.  We will be seeking student feedback on the meals as we progress through the first term to make sure we are providing meals that the students enjoy.

The dates below show when the lunch programme will start:

10/2 – school lunch provided

11/2 - school lunch provided 

12/2 - school lunch provided 

15/2, 17/2 and 19/2 - school lunch provided 

Week of 22/2 onwards – school lunch provided every day 

If you child requires a ‘special dietary’ meal – ie. Halal, gluten or dairy free or vegetarian please can you email [email protected] advising us and we will get back to you to confirm how we are covering these meals.  Please include your student ID number and a contact phone number.

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