Are you a 68er? We have an event for you!

Do you realise it is 50 years since we started at Manurewa High School!

We are reaching out to all third formers who started MHS in 1968 to engage you in a celebration of “our 50th”. We are organising a social occasion for you to catch up with people from the past, interact with current students and compare life at school now with 50 years ago.

The date for our special event is Saturday, 1 September. This will follow a proposed dinner at the school on Friday, 31 August, for the school’s alumni and business partners.

We invite you to reflect on your time at high school, and to share your memories of life in Manurewa back in the day. For many of us, high school established our life path including lifelong friendships, interests like sport or music and, we would have a job at the end of it if we chose. How different it is for students today.  Instead of a ‘career for life’ it is now a lifelong journey of learning and skills development in a rapidly changing world.

In coming together, it’s also timely to consider the contribution we can make to this generation and future generations of students. We have been liaising with the school leadership team to find out how best we can help and support the modernisation of education required in setting up students to succeed in this changing world, as well as in school.


The Maker Space

There is a new approach called “Maker Space” and MHS is very proud to be at the forefront of modernising education in piloting this. The Maker Space grows creativity and problem solving skills for life through ‘making’, using tools that are both low-tech and high-tech.

In the Maker Space, students:

·         Work together

·         Apply their creativity to problems

·         Learn Science and Maths in ways that make sense to them

·         Stay curious

·         Work with teachers as a coach, rather than an instructor

Looking back to our own time at MHS, a Maker Space could have been very helpful in developing our creative and problem solving skills.

Current school funding makes it difficult for the school to invest in this pilot. To take the Maker Space from concept to reality, we have set a goal to raise $50,000 (a nod to the number of years since we began high school).That financial support of this innovation will help the school to design, pilot and embed this new way of learning. If successful, it will create hope and resilience for future generations. A contribution to this cause, no matter how small or large, is an investment in the future.

This is a new concept for our past students and our school. We hope that our actions will provide a role model for other year groups to help in the funding. Here are some ways you can show your support:

·         Email us to register for the social event, provide feedback or contacts

·         Share this notice with fellow class members who may have lost touch


You might also like to:

·         Signup to the alumni newsletter >>

·         Catch up on school news via the school website >>

·         Follow the event Facebook page >>


In the 68 magazine, a student reflected that: “Education is the process we undergo to equip us in our turn to be useful members of the community. In a sense, the functions of the school guarantee not only the progress but also the way of life itself of its society. ”


What sort of progress can you help to create?



The organising committee – 50 Years On

Ken Penney

Lindsay Rewcastle

Ron Stroeven

Anne Todd

Jill Wilson (Sharp)



PS: if you would like to make a donation to the Maker Space 68 Fund, please make contact with Leanne Gibson -- email

This donation to the school is tax deductible. Any gifts by a New Zealand resident taxpayer to a registered charity receive a 33 1/3% rebate (up to a limit of total net income for all gifts in a given tax year). Manurewa High School Business Academy Charity Services Number CC53192




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