Photographer's words of wisdom

Facebook post from alumni Raymond Sagapolutele:

This morning I went back to my old high school to offer sage words of wisdom and insight into the world of photography from my experience. This was their assessment week so I was also offered the chance to go over what they are working on and give some critique and advice.

After I gave my background and explained who I was and my practise as an artist I presented some of the work from my years as an editorial, commercial, concert and street photographer. They were a great audience and asked relevant and well thought out questions in relation to technique, environment and social dynamics. I was impressed and lifted by the enthusiasm and skill these students have and their teacher, Adele Whittaker, is doing a great job of providing and guiding these artists in training.

I was asked "do you think there is a reason for a lack of brown faces in photography" and I was taken back a little as I hadn't realised we were invisible on that front. I had taken for granted that there were a lot of Polynesian photographers as I have been around a lot of Polynesian photographers so I tried to address this by giving examples from Yuki Kihara, Greg Semu, Tanu GagoPati Solomona TyrellPenina MomoiseaEvotia TamuaEmz Mafile'o and so many more. They loved it and they were engaged.

I let them have a chance to use my camera gear and to get the feel of the lenses I use and to see the different results given. Here is a shot one of the students got of me - she did a great job.

Thanks for the chance Manurewa High School, Linda Falasia-Sime and Adele Whittaker for letting me present my arts practice. Too choice.

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