NCEA 2013 Results

Preliminary NCEA results, just released, paint a bright picture of Manurewa High School's academic success.  

Our school exceeds both the Decile 2 average and the National average (taken from schools of all decile) in:

Year 11 - NCEA level 1
Year 12 - NCEA level 1
Year 13 - NCEA level 2

We surpass the Decile 2 average in:

Year 12 - NCEA level 2
Year 13 - NCEA level 3

And are on a par with the Decile 2 average for Year 13, UE qualification.

The 2013 NCEA results reflect the hard work of staff and students last year.  We are certainly punching well above our weight!

The preliminary results also show the great strides Manurewa High School has made over the past eight years.  As the graph shows, there has been close to a 200% improvement since 2006.
Principal Salvatore Gargiulo attributes the high quality involvement of parents in their child’s education as an important factor in the improved performance.  "While the NCEA results are very pleasing at all levels, I am especially pleased with the performance of the 2013 year 11 students who made the most significant improvement and moved the school to above the national average. This achievement set the standard for the school. To score above the national average is a very good achievement given that many of our students arrive at secondary school with limited reading and writing skills. There are also many students who have achieved at the highest level gaining merit and excellence awards.
As was observed by ERO last year when they reported on high achievement and engagement levels, the results this year are a step higher."

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