Rewards for a young man who found his way in Business

A pathway that began studying Business at MHS has been transformational for Ryan King, who has just graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce, and a number of prestigious awards.
Ryan attended university as part of the First Foundation programme on a Hynds Education Fund Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to our students annually by alumni John and Leonie Hynds and is managed by the Auckland Communities Foundation.
At the First Foundation awards last week, he was presented with the TRUSTEES AWARD, which includes a cheque for $1000 and recognises overall excellence and outstanding contribution to First Foundation.
Ryan’s achievements include:

  • President of the university’s Commerce Association for Pacifica and Maori Students.
  • Selection for Stanford University’s ASES programme - one of 35 out of 350 applicants globally. ASES creates a network of innovators who are challenged to solve global problems.
  • Recognition with a special award in the university’s Business Student of the Year Awards, with a category of runner-up created to recognise his passion for his community and for giving back.
  • Giving back to his community, including First Foundation students, Pacifica and Maori students, and the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES).

“I like supporting the First Foundation students, giving them tips and advice and encouraging them to make the most of the opportunity that the scholarship provides, because I think it is life-changing for us.
“I’ve been encouraging Maori and Pacifica students to apply for ASES because I know they would get a lot out of the experience, and they have so much talent that the world needs.
“At the moment, I’m in Wellington at the YES Business Time Conference. A few of the alumni are working with Business Studies teachers, to help them understand and utilise our experiences doing YES.”
At MHS, Ryan was a member of the YES Company of the Year, Caring and Co. He was also a prefect, though in his own words, was shy, quiet and reserved. A connection made at school with a mentor, Lance Hutchison, was a turning point in his life.
“Winning the First Foundation award means a lot to me, especially for Lance. He has been a big part of my journey. This award is also for him.”
Lance says: ”Ryan’s transformation has been enormous – achieved only through his own personal determination and ambition to succeed, not only for himself, but to take others with him.”
Ryan also acknowledges the input of John and Leonie Hynds who have created so many opportunities for him. “Their scholarship and support has changed my life. It gave me direction. When I won the scholarship, in Year 12, I didn’t know what I was going to do when I finished school. The scholarship set me on my track and I am happy with where I am at with business. It has enabled me to give back to my community.”
Ryan’s next step is with Vodafone, a company led by an alumnus of James Cook High School.
“Technology is key in the world now. I’m excited to be getting involved and to see what I can do with my innovation and entrepreneurial studies. It also makes me very proud to be joining a great company that has a CEO from South Auckland.”

The success of Caring and Co in winning Young Enterprise, inspired a group of businesspeople, led by John Hynds, to come together to form a Business Academy at Manurewa High School. The academy has a purpose to enable students to become creative, enterprising and entrepreneurial businesspeople. The aim is to transform the lives of students, and through them the lives of their families and communities.

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