Review of 2017

2017 has been a very busy year in the International Department. Manurewa High School has hosted
a record number of short tour groups: three from Utsunomiya, Japan and two from Shanghai, China.
Our visitors enjoyed a varied programme while in school which helped them to understand a little bit
more about our curriculum and our culture. They were welcomed with a powhiri, made poi and learned
how to use them in a poi dance, cooked some kiwi kai, and made bracelets and brooches out of
wool. Outside of the classroom, they visited Butterfly Creek and went on a tour of Auckland, including
the War Memorial Museum and cultural show, Kelly Tarlton’s and the Sky Tower. Our Japanese and
Chinese classes benefitted from being able to converse with native speakers and buddy students
enjoyed showing our guests around. Several students and staff members were also homestay families
and forged connections with our visitors that will last long after they return to their home countries. All
the groups were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences at Manurewa High School and the
friendliness of our students.

Joining our long-term international students this year have been Linh Nguyen from Vietnam; Lihong
Leng, Elita Lim and Srei Kan Yong from Cambodia; and Devanshu Sharma from India.

At the end of this year we farewell our Year 13 students: Jervis Deng, Kim Jin and Jessica Wu from China, who all
hope to continue their education at Auckland University next year. Olga Pisi from Papua New Guinea is
leaving to do a maritime engineering course at MIT, and Devanshu Sharma is moving to Christchurch.
Harry Chen, Esther Yi and Janessa Wang from China will continue their schooling at Manurewa High
School next year.

We are also expecting several new students from Vietnam at the beginning of 2018.

There has been much for our international students to celebrate this year as we have seen them progress
academically, grow emotionally and integrate more effectively into the kiwi way of life. As a group, they
have shared the experiences of visiting the Waitomo Caves, Otorohanga Kiwi House and restaurant

The highlight of the year was the International Students Celebration where we recognised the
achievements of each student and thanked those who make it possible for our international students
to live and learn away from their families and home country.

  • Jervis Deng was awarded the Metcalfe Cup for ‘All Round Excellence by an International Student’ and was also Photographer of the Year.
  • Elita Lim received the ‘Lord Keynes Cup for Economics’.
  • Olga Pisi was ‘International Student of the Year’.

Several students have already gained their Level 2 and Level 3 NCEA certificates and qualified
for entry into university. Others are making amazing progress with their English language learning skills.
All of them are growing as confident and independent young people, living the REWA values of respect,
excellence, whanaungatanga, and akoranga.

The last words go to our students who are moving on to even bigger and better things, with all the skills
that Manurewa High School has helped to foster. We wish them all the best for the future; we know it
will be remarkable.

Jervis Deng: “I liked being a student at Manurewa High School because it gave me the opportunity to
study subjects like photography that I wouldn’t have been able to do in China.”

Kim Jin: “Manurewa High School has been a very good school. Teachers helped me a lot- all of them.
I also made many friends. I am proud of my achievements and so is my family. I enjoyed working with
groups on Geography camps and trips. I really encourage other international students to go on these
because it is a great way to see and understand NZ culture. Going with classmates is really good
because it helps with assessments as well.”

Jessica Wu: “At Manurewa High school the teachers always helped and supported me.”
Devanshu Sharma, “I am very happy about coming to Manurewa High School. All the teachers are very
helpful especially Mrs Howell in ESOL. Maths is my favourite subject. I really liked that the school has
computers and internet that I can use all the time for free; it is not like this in India. There are also plenty
of places to study and my New Zealand class mates have been helpful to me.”

Olga Pisi: “Being an international student at Manurewa High School gave me the chance to see some
amazing places in New Zealand. I loved the trips to the Sky Tower, Waitomo Caves and Rotorua. The
teachers are really supportive of academic progress and I have made great friends.”

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